Monday, 19 March 2012

First impressions

First impressions are often correct.  My first impression of my new step-father was that he was arrogant, conceited and that he viewed me as an inconvenience.  I was right.  Unfortunately my spectacular failure in my exams gave him the chance to ship me off to Birchwood.

First impressions are often wrong.  When I saw the paperwork for Birchwood I assumed it was a girls’ college that had decided to admit boys…

I met my form tutor Miss Jones on arrival.  Her first words to me were ‘you must be Lexie-Ann’.  When I corrected her, pointing out I was Alex, she looked at me as if I were stupid.  In her office, when my step-father was with the Headmistress, she explained with great clarity my mistake.  I would dress and behave as a girl or be punished; I had signed the consent form.

It was true I hadn’t read it.

I spent last night in a single room, reserved for newly arrived ‘special girls’. It had the bed, a dressing table - empty – and a wardrobe – also empty.  My clothes – all of them have been taken from me.  All I had to wear are white cotton knickers and a short white cotton nightie.  I felt stupid, but I put them on.  On the bed was a fashion magazine.  I read some of it – pastel shades are in this summer apparently.

Tomorrow I will be given my uniform…

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