Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gym Kit


For gym lessons we have to wear this wraparound pink gym skirt and matching pink gym knickers.
I have to admit I quite like it.  Miss says when I admit things like that it is good for me.  I even try to run like a girl when we play netball.  I love the way my skirt swirls when I turn round!


I was expecting a lesson on how to sit up straight and walk properly.  Instead the teacher, Miss Jones, taught us how to 'accidently' flash our panties! She explained that as schoolgirls we didn't have much in the way of control in any situation.  This would allow us to tease and tantalise.
I practised hard and Miss said she was pleased with my efforts. 
As usual Robyn got into trouble he refused to join in and got detention. 
Lily was enthusiastic...

...perhaps a little too obvious though suggested Miss Jones!

Monday, 11 March 2013


Morning  routine.  We are woken by a bell at 7am and we have to be ready for breakfast at 7.45.  Our uniform is checked on the way into breakfast and any faults will be punished.  Our uniform consists of a fitted white blouse, maroon and black striped tie, black pleated skirt that comes to mid -thigh and a maroon fitted blazer.  As the new girls we have to wear knee-length white socks and black buckle up shoes with a 1 inch heel.  The older girls’ uniform replaces the white socks with long black over the knee socks and then black or white stockings.  The heel height increases too.  Our underwear is a white padded bra, cotton for new girls but older girls are allowed a choice of lace or satin.  Robyn has been in trouble every day for refusing to wear her bra.  Finally panties, two pairs, well sort of, first a tight nude-coloured thong that tucks our boy bits away between our legs and then a pair of white cotton panties with a ruffled lacy trim round each leg.  They also have the day on them.  the lace edging rubs against us as we walk which is a surprisingly nice sensation.  The punishments are administered before we eat and consist of spankings.  I think some girls enjoy standing before the whole school, bent over the chair, and getting spanked as they make mistakes every morning.

Dorm Room


We each have a bed with a desk underneath it and some storage at the end.  All in the same room it is a bit weird trying to get changed without being noticed.  Heather and Lily have really settled in they talk about make-up and fashion, criticizing the appearance of the older girls.  Robyn and Ellie hate it the most.  Robyn is always in trouble for her behaviour always refusing to do things and protesting that she isnt a girl.  Ellie just seems overwhelmed by everything and cries herself to sleep at night.

My Class

It has been a strange first week.  It is now Sunday and we have compulsory diary writing time.  I am sitting in my classroom writing away with the other boys, or I suppose I should say girls in my class.  There are five classes each with about ten students (notice how I avoided saying boys or girls!).  My class is the lowest consisting of the newest gi.. students.  It is so hard even after one week not to say girl/girls.  Its like brainwashing; our new feminine status is drummed into us at every opportunity.  Even now after just one week I don’t have to think ‘who is that’ when someone calls me Lexi-Ann.
My class is under the supervision of Ms Bell and is called Nightingale. The others are called after famous women too – Bronte, Austen, Plath, and Pankhurst.  They are all for older, more feminised and more experienced girls.  The other new girls in Nightingale are Ellie, Heather, Helen, Lily, Madeline, Robyn and Rose.  With me that makes eight.  Eight confused, lonely, embarrassed and even a little bit frightened boys who are all being forcibly feminized.

Monday, 19 March 2012

First impressions

First impressions are often correct.  My first impression of my new step-father was that he was arrogant, conceited and that he viewed me as an inconvenience.  I was right.  Unfortunately my spectacular failure in my exams gave him the chance to ship me off to Birchwood.

First impressions are often wrong.  When I saw the paperwork for Birchwood I assumed it was a girls’ college that had decided to admit boys…

I met my form tutor Miss Jones on arrival.  Her first words to me were ‘you must be Lexie-Ann’.  When I corrected her, pointing out I was Alex, she looked at me as if I were stupid.  In her office, when my step-father was with the Headmistress, she explained with great clarity my mistake.  I would dress and behave as a girl or be punished; I had signed the consent form.

It was true I hadn’t read it.

I spent last night in a single room, reserved for newly arrived ‘special girls’. It had the bed, a dressing table - empty – and a wardrobe – also empty.  My clothes – all of them have been taken from me.  All I had to wear are white cotton knickers and a short white cotton nightie.  I felt stupid, but I put them on.  On the bed was a fashion magazine.  I read some of it – pastel shades are in this summer apparently.

Tomorrow I will be given my uniform…